The Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2018

Disruptive outsourcing leaps to the front. Our 2018 survey of more than 500 executives from leading organizations indicates that disruptive outsourcing solutions—led by cloud and automation—are fundamentally transforming traditional outsourcing.

In the past, organizations typically used outsourcing to improve back-office operations through cost reduction and performance improvement. Today, disruptive outsourcing solutions are enabling competitive advantage by accelerating changes within those organizations that have the audacity and skill to leap over the technology chasm; for them, outsourcing can pioneer a northwest passage to top line growth, as well as to a more agile, effective back office. The focus has shifted from traditional work transfer to upfront transformation and automation. Organizations are recognizing that disruptive solutions can revolutionize the way they do business, and that “buying” capabilities in the marketplace is generally faster and more scalable than developing capabilities internally. Emerging solutions incorporating cloud and automation are empowering organizations to work smarter, scale faster, reach new markets, increase productivity and, ultimately, to gain competitive advantage.

As with many initiatives, organizations are finding that delivering competitive advantage through disruptive outsourcing solutions is anything but simple; effort and expertise are needed to address security and cyber risks, changing regulations, organizational resistance, skill gaps, and to help flatten fragmented processes. In this new world, place your bets on the brave and the good, and against the fearful and complacent.

This report emerges from the insights we gathered from our survey participants, who generously shared the lessons they have learned from their outsourcing experiences, coupled with our own insights garnered over many years of experience working with our clients on both outsourcing and emerging technologies. We look forward to discussing your perspective on our report with you.

Published 2018 | Deloitte